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the Costa Del Norwich


Feel the sunshine!

Looking for the best suntan in Norwich? Take some time for you and build up your perfect golden glow. Our salon boasts stand up and lay down sunbeds (no tan lines here!) in a clean and modern atmosphere, designed to give you the best and most relaxing tanning experience.

We are a walk-in service only. Please remember to bring your ID with you as our services are available only to those aged 18 and above. Our welcoming team is here to accommodate your needs without the need for prior appointments.

Our air-conditioned suntan facilities boast the latest in tanning lamp innovation

Ensuring a natural, long-lasting tan
and rejuvenated skin

Our clean and modern salon boasts a total of five sunbeds – three lay down and two stand up – with a mix of UV and Collagen tubes.
Pineapple Sun beds are all tubed at high wattage and are fitted with Sunfit CollaTan lamps, the latest in tanning lamp innovation.
Our CollaTan tubes are able to tan at max performance whilst soothing, rejuvenating and helping eliminate blemishes on the skin. Soothe your mind while bronzing your body, as they also help produce serotonin, as we affectionately refer to them as our Happy Beds!



Step into our tropical oasis - a modern, clean, and neatly designed salon that effortlessly blends relaxation with the vibrant energy of the tropics. Unleash your inner goddess or bronze god at Pineapple Sun’s tropical paradise in the heart of Norwich. Our top-of-the-line sunbeds promise a five-star experience like no other!


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