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Frequently asked questions

Prepare for your first visit to the studio by familiarising yourself with our frequently asked questions

  • 1 | I’ve never used a sun bed before; how long should I use one for?
    For first-time sunbed users we recommend 4 minutes to start off with (dependent on your skin type). After your first session, we recommend waiting 48 hours before using the sunbed again to see how your skin reacts to the lamps. Please always wear goggles while tanning as the UV rays can damage your eyes. We provide goggles, just please make sure to return them to the desk once you are finished with your session
  • 2 | How long will it take me to get a base tan?
    We recommend starting on low minutes and slowly building them up by coming to the studio 3 – 4 times a week. Once you reach your desired colour and have built up tolerance to using the sunbeds for a longer amount of time, you would only need to come in 1 – 2 times a week to maintain your tan. Always leave 24 hours between sessions.
  • 3 | How many minutes should I do per session and type of bed?
    The maximum and minimum time you can use our sunbeds is as follows: Maximum minutes on the stand up bed is 14 minutes (minimum: 2 minutes) Maximum minutes on the lay down bed is 20 minutes* (minimum: 2 minutes). *Only recommended for experienced tanners.
  • 4 | How many times should I come in each week?
    For novice tanners, 3 – 4 times a week for lower minutes. More experienced tanners with higher tolerance only need to come in 1 – 2 times a week to maintain the desired colour.
  • 5 | Should I use a cream?
    Yes, using our specially formulated bronzing products will aid in giving you the best tanning result Modern tan accelerators and sunbed creams contain specific ingredients that are absorbed into the skin to encourage the movement of melanocytes to the surface of the skin, maximising the tanning potential of your session.
  • 6 | What creams are recommended?
    Choose between accelerators, bronzers, tingles and post-tanning creams to guarantee long-lasting dark colour and healthy, clear skin. Please ask a member of the team and they will be able to provide a recommendation for the best product to suit your skin and needs. Only use a sunbed cream on the sunbeds, no sun protector or oils. Please don’t use banned creams including Shine Brown, Nivea Rich 48hr Moisturiser, Royal Tan Supernova, Malibu Oil, Fox Tan, 2BTanned. Please only use professional indoor tanning creams that we sell or approve as non-approved products can really damage our acrylic sunbed screens.
  • 7 | Where should I park?
    If you’re driving, there are 4 parking spaces out the front. If all spaces are full, please use ‘The Talk’ which offers 1hr FREE parking. After that 1 hr period, it automatically gives a ticket to customers.
  • 8 | Can I bring pets or children with me to the studio?
    You can bring dogs and children in as long as they have someone staying with them at all times. They are not allowed in the sunbed rooms itself.
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