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Terms and conditions

1 |
We follow the sunbed act (2010) and take customers safety whilst tanning seriously, please abide by our rules.
2 |
Wear googles at all times whilst tanning.
3 |
Leave 24 hours in-between sessions.
4 |
Please let us know if your medical situation changes so we can update your profile accordingly.
5 |
ID will be needed to sign up, you have to be 18 + to use Sunbeds.
6 |
By using our Sunbeds you acknowledge the health risks associated with tanning. Sunbeds are used at your own risk we cannot be liable for over exposure or injury.
7 |
Unlimited courses cannot be refunded. The dates on unlimited courses cannot be changed or paused. 10% discounts cannot be applied to unlimited courses. We are closed bank holidays and unlimited customers will be credited one day when we are shut.
8 |
Please be aware that the acrylics on the sun beds are susceptible to breakage due to the amount of usage. We do not accept any liability for damage or injury caused. The acrylics are the clear / see through material that you lay on which covers the tubes.
9 |
Sunbed courses cannot be shared. Sunbed courses cannot be refunded once used and have a one year expiry date from when you buy it. If you can no longer use your minutes you can transfer all your minutes to another existing member.
10 |
Do not use any cream that are on our banned list, oils and balms and creams that are not fit for purpose on the acrylics. These will deteriorate the acrylics which are expensive to replace.
11 |
Respect our policy and our staff. We will not tolerate abusive behaviour in our salon.
12 |
You cannot use Sunbeds if you are intoxicated We have the right to refuse you if we suspect you are.
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